Environmental Policy of Man and Vans Ltd

As a company

Man and Vans fully understand our obligations to ensure that we minimise the impact our removals service has on the environment around us. Man and Vans actively seek to positively influence the future within our local and in the wider community.

Since January 2007 we’ve been working within the framework of the Carbon Trust – www.carbontrust.co.uk – to work out the ‘carbon footprint’ for our entire business system. This has given us an understanding of the emissions involved in each step of our supply chain, and enables us to identify where we can make the biggest steps in reducing our emissions. It also means that we have committed to continue this process over the next two years and onwards.

We have looked at all areas of our internal operations and have tried to maximise the paper and plastic recycling. We now use the services of “London Recycling” for paper and plastic products, and we have changed our utilities supplier to Ecotricity – who only use renewable energy. In 2008 we converted most of our fleet of vehicles to LPG fuels.

For our customers

While we can work to minimise the direct environmental impact we have we are fully aware that our operations and our products will always have some environmental footprint. We have therefore joined with a third party company who have assisted us in becoming a carbon neutral company. Any excess carbon footprint our operations and products cause are now offset by purchasing carbon credits in line with the Kyoto protocol. This was completed in December 2008.



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