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How to Declutter Before You Move

So, the time has come. The house is on the market, and the dates for potential buyers to arrive in their hoards and walk through your living room snapping off photos, has been set. There is only one problem: it still looks like you have just moved in, with things you’ve long forgotten about still packed in […]Read More
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Why Is It Better to Buy Man and Van Packaging

Get your Man and Van Packaging from us If you are moving, why not try Man and Van Packaging for all your packing material needs? When people move, they are already spending money – buying or renting a new house or apartment, and possibly hiring a removal company. Sometimes people think that they can save […]Read More
Packaging Tips

Man and Van Packaging Tips (Part 2)

More man and van packaging tips to make your life easier  Man and Van Packaging is in place to ensure your most prized possessions are moved safely. Man and Vans offer a wide range of materials to pack and wrap just about anything. You can see more information along with prices here We recently moved a […]Read More
Packaging Tips

Man and Van Packaging Tips (part 1)

Man and Van Packaging for your move Man and Vans is ready to give you the best advice when it comes to man and van packaging. If you are planning on packing your belongings before you move by yourself, it is vital to know the best way to do it. If packing is not adequate, it […]Read More
Man and Vans Packing Material Sale

Man and Van Packaging Sale

Man and Van Packaging is something almost every customer needs. So, we thought we would run a little special to coincide with our latest blog. So, yet another discount from Man and Vans. Discount – now that’s a word everybody loves to hear. If you’re in need of a removal service or some packaging then why […]Read More
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