man and vans storge advantages

The Advantages of Storing Your Possessions During Your Move

Man and Vans have over 10 years of experience in house removals in and around London. We know all the ins and outs that come with relocating from your old home to your new one and are always on hand to help ease the stressful process. When it comes to your next move trust the […]Read More
Man and Van Property price increase

Estimated London Housing Prices for 2030

Estate Agents fear that the housing market will drastically increase as we approach 2030. Over the past 15 years the average house price has risen by an astounding 84%. New buyers are sure to be alarmed by the ever rising figures. This ultimately results in the cost of an average London home rising to approximately […]Read More
Man and Vans Moving in london and surrounding areas

Property in West London | Man & Vans

The Capital of England, London, is home to a few affluent areas such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and South Kensington. These beautifully unique areas are London’s little diamonds. They are known for their exclusivity, lavish apartments and trendy lifestyles. Buying property in these areas can prove to be very expensive yet you can be assured that […]Read More
Moving Out of your Parents' Home Man and Vans

7 things no one tells you about moving out of your parent’s home

We all know the feeling. You’re lying on your bed playing Candy Crush on the WiFi that you don’t have to pay for, as the aircon swirls the room into a comfortable 22 degrees, using the electricity that you don’t have to worry about, and the smells of your favourite home-cooked meal being made by […]Read More
Declutter before you move Man and Vans

How to Declutter Before You Move

So, the time has come. The house is on the market, and the dates for potential buyers to arrive in their hoards and walk through your living room snapping off photos, has been set. There is only one problem: it still looks like you have just moved in, with things you’ve long forgotten about still packed in […]Read More
London Property Market Man and Vans

What’s happening in the London Property Market?

Over the past year, London’s house prices have soared by 26%, which is the biggest annual jump since 1987. To drive this point home, every borough in the capital has seen an increase in price per square metre over the past five years. This means that for first-time buyers who want to get on the property […]Read More
moving home with kids Man and Vans London

Make the most of unpacking with awesome cardboard box creations!

Moving is a stressful process. This is especially true when you have children. The pressure of taking your children away from what they know can make the entire process a whole lot more difficult. Luckily, we’ve done a little research into some cardboard box creations that can not only make the process of unpacking more […]Read More
Man and Vans moving house

A Research Report on Moving House & Making It Easier

Research is a vital component of our society, one that enables us to not only learn more about the current state of affairs, but also find a way to improve things. At Man and Vans, we’re dedicated to making the moving of your house into a process that is not only less stressful, but simpler […]Read More
man and vans could save you money

How are larger house removals costs calculated?

Man and Vans business is really split into three main areas – our commercial work, smaller residential work done by the hour and finally larger house removals quotes for customers who want a fixed price for work that we do for them. House removals costs are a science for us. For larger house removals it […]Read More
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