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Man and Vans aim to assist our clients to the best of our ability ensuring all their needs are met with costing an arm and a leg. We offer efficient, reliable and cost-effective removal services for all homes and offices. We also do international moves. Our expert movers will gladly assist you from the beginning […]Read More
Office removals checklist Man and Vans

Office Relocation Guide and Checklist

Start things off by finding your new office premises We recommend that you give yourself enough time to find an office that suits your company and its employees’ needs. To figure out if a certain space is suitable for you, ask yourself questions such as: • Is it big enough? Is there room for you […]Read More
Housemate from hell Man and Vans

Getting Rid of a Housemate from Hell

When it comes to bad housemates, getting rid of them can be as difficult as freeing your kitchen from the scourge of cockroaches. Try as you might – armed with sprays, bombs and poisonous smoke – they seem to remain scurrying around your kitchen, eating your food and making you cringe at the sight of […]Read More
Moving House over Christmas

Tips to Make Moving House Over Christmas a Little Merrier

While others may be winding down to a relaxing and somewhat uneventful Festive Season, some people find themselves with the effort and worry of moving house over Christmas. And while it may seem that there’s nothing less cheerful than the task of packing up your life to move it elsewhere, across the city or further […]Read More

Moving House with a Dog

So you’re about to move house and you’re concerned about your furry friends. Moving house can be stressful for everyone involved, including your dog. Not only can the upheaval during the move inspire more than a little neurosis in them, but the new home will take a few weeks of getting used to as a […]Read More
Man and Vans Move Checklist

Step Up and Move Out – A Checklist Guide to Preparing for a Move

It’s for good reason that people will list moving as one of the most stressful things you can go through. And whether you’re relocating across-country or across the city, the move requires the same amount of preparation. Luckily, professional movers can be a big help when it comes to heavy lifting, transportation and, in some […]Read More
man and van parking

Think about Parking for your Man and Van

Man and Vans can arrange parking with your local borough so you don’t have to. Just tell us when you get a quote and we’ll do the rest. The biggest problem we face as a removal man and van service in London is parking. If you have ever driven in London, then you will know […]Read More
Man and Vans arrival times

Frequently Asked Questions – Man and Van Arrival Times

One of the most common man and van questions people ask, is what time we should arrive. Now, this is a bit of a tricky one, but we’ll give it a go! For many Man and Van customers, it’s quite straight forward. We arrive first thing in the morning. Usually around 9am, if not before. […]Read More
man and vans could save you money

How are larger house removals costs calculated?

Man and Vans business is really split into three main areas – our commercial work, smaller residential work done by the hour and finally larger house removals quotes for customers who want a fixed price for work that we do for them. House removals costs are a science for us. For larger house removals it […]Read More
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