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5 Tips To Make Moving Out Of Your Ex’s House Easier

It’s tough, we know. Man and Vans are here to make this awkwardly painful time of moving out of your ex’s house a little easier. Follow these 5 tips which are sure to make this whole process less cringe worthy.

1. Set A Move-Out Schedule.

Now that your schedules are not in sync. The best thing to do is set a time and date that works for both of you. Do not just turn up at his or her house. Try not to continuously text them to see if they are free. Just sit down, set a date, get in, get out and don’t turn back!

2. Remember The Reasons You’ve Broken Up

Keep the end goal in sight. Try not to make small talk. You’ll probably rethink your breakup at some point during this process. Be careful. You know the facts, don’t let your heart get in the way!

3. You Are Going To Need To Compromise

There’s going to be things you two have purchased together. Just compromise, these items are all materialistic and unless it means something to you on a personal level, let it go. While this goes for belongings, this also can apply to outstanding finances and such.

4. Maturity And Respect Are KEY

Now, we know all breakups aren’t clean cut. There may be hard feelings. Try not to be disrespectful and although it may be difficult… resist the urge to break their items. It’s only going to leave you looking like a fool.

Make Sure You Have Support

Whether this is your best friend waiting for you down the pub after or your sister helping move the stuff with you. Have support around you. This is not easy but it will be for the best.

Still Feel Like You Just Can’t Face Moving Stuff Out Of Your Ex’s House?

Enter… your saving grace otherwise known as Man and Vans. Not only can we move your stuff, we can provide you with all of your packing materials and even pack it up for you. We are here to help and can make sure your move isn’t an emotional or overbearing experience.

For more information on our products and services you can head over to our website, or you can give our lovely sales team a call on 020 7193 5486.

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