To help make the moving process easier for you, we have come up with a list of our five top tips and tricks to make the overall process easier

Tips and Tricks From A Moving Company

At Man and Vans, we take our house removals seriously. With over 10 years’ experience in the removals industry, we understand the stress and pains that come with packing up your belongings and relocating.

To help make the moving process easier for you, we have come up with a list of our five top tips and tricks. Let’s get to it then:

Go Through Your Drawers And Pack The Little Things In Ziploc Bags

A neat little trick for packing away those easy to lose items. Our Man and Van movers can just drop the bags into a box and when you unpack you can just dump it back into its preferred drawer. This is especially helpful for those ‘junk’ or utensil drawers.

Get Rid Of All Your Unnecessary Junk

Speaking of ‘junk’ drawers, it’s time to purge! By getting rid of the rubbish you have gathered over the years you will have less items to take care of during the move and less to unpack. Save yourself the pain and get rid of those unnecessary possessions sitting in your garage. A basic rule for this is if you don’t love it or don’t need it, it needs to go!

Tape Your Remote Controls To Their Counterparts

Tape the remotes and cords to the backs of your televisions and electronics. You could also put all the screws, bolts and little pieces in a Ziploc bag and strap them to your electronics.

Pack Your ‘First Night Box’

The ‘First Night Box’ should contain all the bedding for all your beds, a shower curtain, some towels and a bottle of wine to ease those nerves. This prevents the need to go scratching through your other boxes in search of the essentials.

Do A Bit Of Prep Cleaning

Before our movers come along to do your move, do a simple wipe down of the inside of your drawers, fridge, shelves and other possessions. This ensures that when you pack your stuff back into their place, it is at least clean. After you are moved in, you could also treat yourself to a professional cleaning to help you settle in faster.

If you would like to book a house removal with Man and Vans, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer service team on 020 7193 5486. Alternatively, you could fill out our contact form and we can get back to you.

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