Top Tips For Moving In The Colder Months

We know moving in the colder months can sometimes be a bit more challenging. Never fear, with over 10 years’ experience, Man and Vans are the removal company to get you through your move. We’ve put together our top tips to bear in mind while you are moving this autumn.

Make Sure The Heating Is On

There is nothing worse than moving into a freezing house. Crank up the heating a few hours before your move so you can unpack without having cold and numb fingers.

Put Up Your Curtains

This may seem obvious to some, but putting up the curtains is a great way to keep the heat in your house and block out unwanted draughts as well as provide privacy.

Make Sure Your Lights Are Working

Remember in the autumn months darker evenings come a lot earlier. Unpacking can be a long process and there is nothing worse than doing this in the dark.

Pack Wisely

Pack your things strategically, put warm blankets and duvets on the top of boxes so they can be easily sourced once you have moved in. Make sure you know where the kettle is so you can cuddle up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a blanket.

Make Sure Your Gutters And Drainage Systems Are Working

With the autumn comes the falling of leaves, this sometimes results in your gutters getting clogged. It’s important to sort this out before winter gets to you, otherwise, they could freeze over.


With over 10 years’ experience moving London, we understand the stress and planning that comes with moving house. Take one thing off your mind with us and let us take care of your move. For more information on our service click here. Alternatively, you can give one of our friendly customer care team a call on 020 7193 5486.

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