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How Many Days Do I Have To Book In Advance?

We understand that moving can be stressful and overwhelming. We want you to avoid being disappointed in a removal company not being able to help you due to late booking.

With Man and Vans, we encourage early booking. With many years of experience in the removal industry, one thing is clear and that is booking in advance.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book well in advance. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to give an estimate date. However, we encourage you to please book as soon as you have confirmation or as soon as you have considered potential moving dates.

The longer you take to book, the more difficult it might be to secure a booking with us. Another consideration would be the availability of our vans. We cannot guarantee that our vans will be available with short term notice. Simply, the sooner you book with us, the better.

We would like to meet you at every expectation. We thus require you to please book in advance. Due to our busy schedule, we do not do same day job bookings. The best we can possibly do is arrange for the next day. However, it is not guaranteed.

We try our best to help you as much as we can. Our aim is to assist you with more than just moving your goods. We are able to reassemble, assemble, pack and store your goods. Our team of highly skilled movers would happily assist you.

Book in advance with Man and Vans to avoid disappointment. Feel free to contact us via our website or feel free to call us if you want to know more. Our friendly staff will gladly help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remember the sooner you book, the better are your chances of booking with us.

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