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How Long Will It Take To Pack Up My House?

The time taken to pack up a house, apartment or office is all dependent on how big the space is as well as the number of items that need to get packaged. Our professional packaging services guarantee that it will not be a prolonged experience.
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How Long Before I Visit My Storage Do I Have To Give Notice?

If you have chosen to take the short term storage package, we will need to be notified 48 hours before you want to gain access to your goods. If you have chosen the long term storage option we will need to be notified one week before you want to gain access to your goods.
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What Storage Options Do You Offer?

1.      Short Term We aim to provide you with affordable and secure storage options. Our short term storage prices start from just  £130 + VAT per week. Our storage container (1.86 x 1.25 x 2.26m) is situated in a clean and security alarmed warehouse. You can store your goods for as short as a week or […]
man and vans moving furniture while employees are still there

Can You Move Furniture While My Employees Are Still Working?

Yes we can. However, doing so may result in noise that may disrupt the peace. Ideally, if your employees are not in your workplace, we can quickly and simply complete the removal. Things to consider when moving office Noise levels Parking Dust PC and applicate (packaging) Long term lease (storage)    
man and vans disposing of your trash

Can The Movers Dispose Of My Trash?

We are not equipped to dispose of trash. It is recommended that you arrange for a service to help you move your trash to the nearest disposal facility.
man and van what is the size of your van

What Size Are Your Vans?

Our vans are a similar size to a mini bus. We use Luton vans for all our removals.
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