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Estimated London Housing Prices for 2030

Estate Agents fear that the housing market will drastically increase as we approach 2030.

Over the past 15 years the average house price has risen by an astounding 84%. New buyers are sure to be alarmed by the ever rising figures.

This ultimately results in the cost of an average London home rising to approximately £1 million. The average house pricing in England is estimated to reach the £500,000. In Whales and Scotland it is estimated to reach about £300,000.

The above pricing comes with vast uncertainties as the housing market might not be able to sustain such obstinate increases.

Chelsea and Kensington remain the most expensive areas to buy a house with the current average of £19m would increase by £3.4m. Barking and Dagenham are still the most affordable areas reaching about £453,000.

In the UK, England maintains the most expensive housing trajectory with some properties rising by £457,000 on average and some peaking at £500,000.  The most costly area, the border country of Monmouthshire, will potentially rise by £442,141.

Scotland is surprisingly the most affordable region where the average property costs about £297,000. By 2030 Edinburgh would boast an average property price of £432,468. The most affordable area would be in North Lanarkshire reaching £200,600.

Despite house stress and price increases, Man & Vans are here to make sure that any move is affordable and effective. Do not worry about the moving process. Man & Vans will take great care in assisting you with the best possible help.

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