Man&Vans Brexit and propety prices

Will first time buyers benefit from Brexit?

Property and house hunting can be a rather daunting experience. Cost of houses can take a real knock to one’s pocket and future investments.

The UK is set to hold a referendum which will ultimately decide whether there should be a British exit from the EU. There has been speculation that house prices will effectively decrease in the event of a Leave vote at the EU referendum held in June. Whether this is a good or bad thing is still debatable.

There have been a number of reports stating that a Brexit would have an influence on the decreasing value of UK housing. It is estimated that the total value of UK housing could fall by as much as £26.5bn by 2018. Home owners on the other hand could lose as much as £7,500 per property.

The decreasing rate of overseas buyers as well as the reduced demand for rental properties will influence private landlords to sell up. This will ultimately be damaging for existing home owners, on the other hand, it will be beneficial for first-time buyers.

Although house prices will decrease affecting existing home owners, benefits for new buyers would be offset by a sharp rise in interest rates in the years after the vote which will fight a predictable surge in inflation.

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