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Cool Things To Do With Your Cardboard Boxes

Change is inevitable in both home and in business life. At least once in your life time you have had to make a move from one place to another. Upsizing your home to cater for the little one, moving just for a change of scenery or even having to relocate because of a new job. We have all moved for a number of reasons.
We all know that moving house or even offices can be a highly stressful event. Packing up all your small bits and bobs into cardboard boxes is often time consuming. Long after all the stress of moving your life from one location to another, you are left with a mass of cardboard boxes that cover every corner of your new place. So why not make the most of it by using them for arts and crafts for your kids.
We have come up with some things you can make with cardboard boxes that will blow your little one’s minds:

A Camper Playhouse

What is cooler than having your own playhouse as a kid? Well now you can build a camper with just cardboard and duct tape. Simply, breakdown two big boxes and tape along the seams of the two long sides to provide support. Cut another cardboard box to the length of the roof ensuring that you bend it to look rounded and tape. Then cut out where you want the doors and windows. Add a touch of paint and voilà your own cardboard box camper.


Make a Town

All you need is a really big box or you can simply connect a bunch of smaller boxes together. Open up the box and flatten it out. Get out your markers and draw a couple roads on the bottom of the box and leave your children to decide what is next. More roads, a beach or even paddocks for horses, the possibilities are endless.


Build a Car

A fun and easy craft that you and your little one can work on together. Seal both the top and the bottom of a cardboard box. Trace two doors on the longer sides of the box and cut themout so that the open like a car door.
Now cut out a windshield. Cut along the top edges of the box to about 2/3s of the way. Start in front of one door and continue to the rear and along the other side – avoid cutting this piece out entirely. Fold and tape the windshield and then cut out a window in it. Fold down a portion on the back to form seats. To finish off paint the body, glue two cups to the front to form headlights and add popsicle sticks to the front to form the grill.

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