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Top 5 tips when moving house

The daunting task of moving home is approaching. A mixture of excitement and pure dread.
Here are out top 5 tips to bear in mind when moving home.

1. Create a packing schedule

We all know how procrastination can set in before moving. A great way to prevent draining a whole weekend packing all of your belongings into a box is to create a packing schedule. For example, aim to pack at least two boxes an evening. This breaks up the task and is extremely proactive.

2. Seize the opportunity for a tidy out

This is a great time to downsize and get rid of items you no longer use. Set aside a box, fill it up and drop it off at the charity shop. Put up bigger items on eBay and get a few pennies in your back pocket.

3. Label your boxes

There is nothing worse than unpacking your new home and finding your kitchen utensils in your spare bedroom. Labelling boxes is a good way to keep your move organised.

4. Prepare a moving day kit

It’s always a favourable idea to keep a box aside with essential items you may need upon arriving at your new house.

5. Use different colour bags for rubbish

It is everyone’s worst nightmare, opening a bin bag filled with rubbish only to realise that you have sent the wrong bag containing your clothes to the rubbish dump. We recommend using black bags for rubbish and clear or coloured plastic bags for your goods.
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