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How to declutter your home when moving

It’s a scary thought moving house, even more daunting is the thought of moving all of the clutter that has built up over the years. From boxes in the attic that haven’t been touched in decades to reconsidering tossing that bedraggled coffee table, we’ve all been there. We have created a list of some helpful and creative tips on how to declutter your home before the big move.


Be ruthless

Stick to the basics, too much furniture can make a room look like something off of the TV program Hoarders. A couple of sofas and side tables in the lounge is all you need, remember that less is more.


Get rid of those magazines

We all know the “pile” of magazines dating back to July 2013. Recycle them. The Good Home magazine does not need to come with you, nor does the Sunday Times from seven weeks ago.


Keep it organised

Interior decorators reckon that 75% of your coffee table should be clear, yes 75%. So maybe it’s time to re-home those unused French oak candles that the mother in-law got for you last Christmas.


Floor space

Maybe it’s time for that ugly rug that’s been in the entrance hall for the last few years to get a new home. Why not send it on its way down to the charity shop. It’s done its time and seen in plenty of guests. Open floor space is a great way to make a room look bigger.


Be creative with your kitchen

Do you really need four frying pans? Considering you only use two of them, downsizing in the kitchen is an excellent way to save space. Why not consider hanging the bulky pots on the wall in your new home, put them on display, this saves place and can give your kitchen a real funky feel.

We pride ourselves on our professional service and understand how stressful moving can be. Our removal experts are more than happy to help you pack and unpack your possessions. For more information on Man and Vans why not give one of our customer care team a call, alternatively check out our website.

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