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Where to live as a young professional in London

Where should you live if you are a young professional in London? Finding a place to rent in London can be a daunting task, especially if it’s for the first time. Where do you even start? What areas do you narrow down your options to? Here at Man and Vans we understand this stressful process […]
Man and Vans Cardboard Box Car

Cool Things To Do With Your Cardboard Boxes

Change is inevitable in both home and in business life. At least once in your life time you have had to make a move from one place to another. Upsizing your home to cater for the little one, moving just for a change of scenery or even having to relocate because of a new job. […]
Family moving company in London

Top 5 tips when moving house

The daunting task of moving home is approaching. A mixture of excitement and pure dread. Here are out top 5 tips to bear in mind when moving home. 1. Create a packing schedule We all know how procrastination can set in before moving. A great way to prevent draining a whole weekend packing all of […]
Man & Vans Unclutter your house

How to declutter your home when moving

It’s a scary thought moving house, even more daunting is the thought of moving all of the clutter that has built up over the years. From boxes in the attic that haven’t been touched in decades to reconsidering tossing that bedraggled coffee table, we’ve all been there. We have created a list of some helpful […]
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