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Is Your New Home Haunted? How to Tell


The 31st of October is almost upon us and we all know what that means. You can expect to see both the young and old dressed in creepy outfits, and haunted houses decorated in hair-raising designs on every street corner. Of course, it’s all in the name of Halloween, so there won’t be as many screams as there are laughs.

However, it’s also the month of urban legends about haunted houses and supernatural sightings. And, if you’re looking for a new home and have your backs up for fear of purchasing an ‘occupied’ residence, we don’t blame you. So, in the interest of helping you move, we’ve listed a few tell-tale signs that can assist you making the right decision.

Does your house makes strange sounds?

No, that howling sound is not a ghost; it’s just the wind. Just because your house makes strange noises doesn’t make it haunted. In fact, houses made of materials such as wood are likely to emit strange creaking noises. The same goes for houses designed in a certain way that are also placed in areas that experience high level winds. What’s more, Tenney says the change in temperature might cause materials such as wood or concrete to expand and contract, resulting in sounds being emitted.

Have you felt an invisible hand tap you on the shoulder?

John E.L. Tenney is a leading “expert” on paranormal investigations and he says that these experiences are far from normal or restrained. What’s more, it’s also believed that they differ from case to case. If you suspect that someone tapped your shoulder and can’t see anyone in the room, it’s a possibility that there’s a spooky ghost watching you.

Has your furniture been moved without our knowledge?

If you said yes to this question, then you probably have a prankster in your midst or you just forgot about your appointment with your hired man and a van. Either way, Tenney says that paranormal activities aren’t as Hollywood. You’re more likely to see a shooting star every day of your life than witnessing talking cats and levitating furniture.

Has someone recently passed away in the house?

This is another urban legend that many, if not all, take too seriously. In all honesty, and according to Tenney, this is no indication of a haunted house. And although there isn’t much research to back it up, if your house is old, it’s likely someone sadly passed on in it. So don’t let Hollywood deter you from buying the home of your dreams just because of illogical myths.

As you can see, the likelihood of your new home being haunted is next to none. Your new home might make weird noises, and there might have been someone who passed away, but it’s not something to consider when making your decision. And even if you feel someone tapping your shoulder and no one is around you, remember what mom said before she tucked you int to bed when you were a child – ghosts don’t exist.

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