Office removals checklist Man and Vans

Office Relocation Guide and Checklist

Office removals checklist Man and VansStart things off by finding your new office premises

We recommend that you give yourself enough time to find an office that suits your company and its employees’ needs. To figure out if a certain space is suitable for you, ask yourself questions such as:

• Is it big enough? Is there room for you to expand in the future?
• What security measures are there? How will it affect your insurance?
• Is it accessible and is there ample parking? Can your employees get to work easily?
• Are there enough power sockets, a kitchen for coffee runs, male and female toilets, air conditioning or central heating? What other facilities do you need?

When you do find a property that piques your interest, try to negotiate the terms of your lease, possibly with the help of a legal advisor to ensure it’s done properly. If you’re a startup, a more flexible lease will a suitable option, while more established companies can negotiate a non-flexible lease with more ease.

Plan it out

Once you’ve decided to make the move, the next step is to plan the logistics. When it comes to relocating an office, the more detailed you can be, the better. By paying attention to detail, you enjoy a smooth process from start to finish. Additionally, the quicker a move can be, the lower the costs, so planning will also ensure you don’t end up spending more than you ought to.

Office Removals Checklist

6 Weeks to Moving Day

– Measure your new office space so you know whether your furniture will fit into it or not.

4 Weeks to Moving Day

– If there isn’t a security company on the premises, arrange for an independent contractor to survey your new office and make security recommendations.
– Ask your furniture suppliers for their advice on layout
– If you need to, order new furniture and ensure it’s delivered the week before the move
– Contact Man and Vans for a quote
– Arrange the installation of new phone lines. Your IT support should be able to help you with the technical aspect of the move, but if not, Man and Vans has specialists that can do this for you.

3 Weeks to Moving Day

– Make sure you inform all your existing customers and suppliers that you’re moving. Cancel any deliveries to your current address and ensure they’re aware of the new address and the date they’re required to start delivering.

2 Weeks to Moving Day

– While the new office is still empty, have the phone lines and broadband put in.
– Set up forwarding telephone numbers.
– Arrange a postal redirect for the move date.
– Make sure you have all the essentials in place and check the kitchen and bathroom facilities are all in working condition.
– If there is a delay between the date you’re moving out and moving in, make use of Man and Vans storage for any cumbersome items such as desks, files and IT equipment.

1 Week to Moving Day
– Have Man and Vans deliver your packaging (we also provide a packing service that will see one of our experienced experts help you pack so that your employees can work uninterrupted).
– Make sure all furniture is delivered and arrange for your movers to set it all up.
– Ask your cleaners to do a final clean of the old office so that you leave it in good condition for the new company moving in.

On Moving Day

– We know that being in charge of an office can be very stressful, but if you follow the guide, you should be able to relax on moving day. Just leave it up to the fully capable hands of Man and Vans to take care of the rest.

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