Housemate from hell Man and Vans

Getting Rid of a Housemate from Hell

Housemate from hell Man and VansWhen it comes to bad housemates, getting rid of them can be as difficult as freeing your kitchen from the scourge of cockroaches. Try as you might – armed with sprays, bombs and poisonous smoke – they seem to remain scurrying around your kitchen, eating your food and making you cringe at the sight of them (the housemate, not the cockroaches!). In this article, we’re going to take a look at a couple of ways by which you can rid yourself of any annoying housemate so you can turn your attentions to eradicating the cockroaches thereafter.

Sit down and talk it out

If you really don’t feel comfortable because of your housemate, you need to try your best to keep things civil because the chances are a notice period will see you still having to live together for a month or more. Sit down with your housemate and plainly state that the living arrangements are no longer working. If they become combative, avoid rising to the occasion and becoming defensive. Provide them with your reasons why, without turning it into an attack on who they are. If they’re a normal human being, they won’t insist on sticking around once you’ve made it clear you believe that you need to part ways.

Stop cleaning up after them

If your housemate is not a normal human being, then it’s time for more drastic measures. Since they probably don’t clean up after themselves – and remain completely unaware of how messy they are as you’re always cleaning up after them – it’s time for you to stop doing their dirty work. Don’t wash their dishes, stop picking up or washing their clothes, and don’t pile their belongings together after salvaging them from their positions scattered around the house. While this may make your life a little difficult, it’s important you stick to it. Keep your things clean and even go so far as to buy paper plates so that you can eat without having to face the mountain of dishes in the sink. In this way, once your housemate has dirtied all the dishes, they will have to either buy their own paper plates or actually do the washing. Make this method a little more embarrassing for the housemate from hell by inviting your friends over when your housemate is around and apologizing for their mess. Be sure to point out that it all belongs to your housemate so that the judgmental stares from your friendship group will shame them into realizing how bad a housemate they have been.

Keep your things yours

Chances are, if you have a horrible housemate, they haven’t bought their own products and toiletries, and have preferred to just use yours. We recommend you hide them away, including your towels leaving only used and wet towels hanging in the bathroom. You can go so far as to buy a lock for your bedroom door so that you can ensure your things are safe from the sticky fingers of your housemate. A long spell of messiness, constant judgmental company and lack of access to your product should do the trick when it comes to getting your housemate to call it quits.

However, in the event that they still refuse to go, it’s time to get serious. If their name is not on the lease, you are well within your rights to tell them to leave. Go so far as to pack their things into boxes and leave them by the door. While this may seem hostile, you can greet them with a cup of coffee before inviting them to sit on the couch so you can talk things out like adults, emphasizing that it’s better for you to end living together in a friendly manner. Hopefully, once you have mentioned that you would rather not involve the landlord or the police, the message will hit home that they really are no longer welcome and they will finally go. Worst comes to worst, you may end up having to leave yourself, in which can it’s better to cut your losses rather than wage war with a potentially insane person.

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