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Housemate from hell Man and Vans

Getting Rid of a Housemate from Hell

When it comes to bad housemates, getting rid of them can be as difficult as freeing your kitchen from the scourge of cockroaches. Try as you might – armed with sprays, bombs and poisonous smoke – they seem to remain scurrying around your kitchen, eating your food and making you cringe at the sight of […]
Moving Out of your Parents' Home Man and Vans

7 things no one tells you about moving out of your parent’s home

We all know the feeling. You’re lying on your bed playing Candy Crush on the WiFi that you don’t have to pay for, as the aircon swirls the room into a comfortable 22 degrees, using the electricity that you don’t have to worry about, and the smells of your favourite home-cooked meal being made by […]
Declutter before you move Man and Vans

How to Declutter Before You Move

So, the time has come. The house is on the market, and the dates for potential buyers to arrive in their hoards and walk through your living room snapping off photos, has been set. There is only one problem: it still looks like you have just moved in, with things you’ve long forgotten about still packed in […]
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