Moving House over Christmas

Tips to Make Moving House Over Christmas a Little Merrier

Moving House over ChristmasWhile others may be winding down to a relaxing and somewhat uneventful Festive Season, some people find themselves with the effort and worry of moving house over Christmas. And while it may seem that there’s nothing less cheerful than the task of packing up your life to move it elsewhere, across the city or further afield. There are a few tips we can offer you to ensure that your move doesn’t take all the merriment out of your Christmas-time, so don’t give up completely on your chance to celebrate, sit back and relax. See what you can do about it below.

Plan Tasks & Make Lists

One thing we always stress when it comes to moving house is that preparation is key. As if the end of year weren’t stressful enough, moving house really can add an unpleasant cherry to the top of it all. By planning tasks and making lists of things that you need to do, you will be able to book your moving company well in advance of the big day. This is vital as moving companies are sure to have a limited number of staff available, meaning that you may find yourself left to move it all should you leave it too late.

Prepare for Adverse Weather

Another prominent characteristic of moving house around this time of year is that you can probably expect some pretty adverse weather conditions. For this reason, it’s quite important that you have some salt/grit ready for both the house you are leaving and the house that you’re moving to. Not only will you save a lot of time by clearing the path between the removal van and the front door, but you’ll also eliminate the potential for an slip or accident too!

Keep Essentials on Hand

We’ve recommended before that you keep an “essentials” box on hand so that you can open it upon arrival and have access to your essential living items. Due to it being Christmas, however, we recommend that you pack two “essentials” boxes, with one of them filled with Christmas necessities. From decorations to children’s presents to Christmas jumpers, you will have everything you need to make your new home into a joyful one.

Make Sure You’re Connected

It’s vital that you contact the utilities suppliers for the new house and inform them that you’re moving in on the date you are. By letting them know when you’ll be arriving at your new house (and sending them a few friendly reminders in the weeks leading up to it) you’ll be able to arrive at your new home and use the gas, electricity and water! Forget this simple step and you could find your family clinging to one another to get warm without a hope of roast turkey to feast on.

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Cards

Let your friends and family members know your new address well in advance of your move so that you won’t miss out on the delivery of any cards or gifts sent through the mail. If you would like to be extra certain, you can leave a set of sticky address labels for the new owners of your old home so that they may forward any misdirected Christmas mail to you.

Arrive Early

In the case of moving house during the Festive Season (and during winter, when it comes down to it) it’s best to arrive at your new house well before the light fades. As if unpacking boxes weren’t trying enough, doing so in the dark could test your Christmas spirit in an entirely new way. It may be worth keeping a torch in the car just in case. When it comes to safety, the earlier you arrive at your new home, the less chance there is of the paths being icy and the sooner you can stay warm inside your new house with the heating on.

Christmas Feast

With everything that you have to consider in the weeks and days up to a move, it’s easy to forget that you and your family will need to eat something on the first night in your new house. Christmas holidays can worsen this predicament with shortened opening hours that could see you without anywhere to buy food. Plan ahead and pack food that doesn’t require too much preparation. If you can put together some Christmas food that doesn’t require too much effort, it’ll be all the better to keep things feeling festive.

Keep the Fire Place Fired Up

If you’re lucky enough to be moving into a new house that has a fire place, you’d best make sure that the chimney has been swept properly and that it’s ready for your arrival. Arguably, there is no better way to encourage the Christmas feeling than to light up a crackling and cosy fire on your first night. Get your new fire place checked out before you move in, so that you can light a fire and ensure Santa’s safe arrival through the chimney on Christmas Eve.

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