man and van parking

Think about Parking for your Man and Van

man and van parking

Man and Vans can arrange parking with your local borough so you don’t have to. Just tell us when you get a quote and we’ll do the rest.

The biggest problem we face as a removal man and van service in London is parking. If you have ever driven in London, then you will know what I mean. Trying to find parking for even the smallest of vehicles in the busiest parts of the city will challenge even the most patient individual.

Now, try to imagine parking a large van that will barely fit into a standard sized parking space. Not only can you not see out the rear window (no rear-view mirror as there’s the rest of the van behind you!), but you’ve got to manoeuvre a rather long vehicle into a space that barely fits a regular estate car. Add to this the fact that our drivers have to do this twice a day for each job, at the collection address and again at the delivery. And furthermore, multiple jobs are carried out each day! so, that’s parking how many times a day? Who knows, I lost count.

So, what can you do?

Well, try and keep space for your man and van. There’s many different ways to do this, maybe you can park your car outside until he arrives? Or put some rubbish/recycling bins outside with a little note? Sometimes, warning neighbours about your move can be helpful as they might be able to park their car in a way that helps too.

Anyway, if you need any help, get in touch with you man and van. After all, it’s what they do all day long!

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