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Frequently Asked Questions – Man and Van Arrival Times

Many Man and Van customers are unaware of time restrictions when movingOne of the most common man and van questions people ask, is what time we should arrive. Now, this is a bit of a tricky one, but we’ll give it a go!

For many Man and Van customers, it’s quite straight forward. We arrive first thing in the morning. Usually around 9am, if not before. We get stuck in and before you know it we’re on our way to their new home and unload everything where it all needs to go – beds in the bedroom, sofas in the living room and so on. Often, this might all be done in just a few hours, meaning we can get off to another similar sized move for the afternoon. This is probably our most typical day, two men in a Luton van doing a couple of small flat moves.

So, can you see the biggest potential problem we face here? No? Well, let me tell you.

Almost every job we turn up to is larger than we are told. Most people underestimate what they have to move. It’s easily done and Man and Vans London understand completely. After all, we are the experts and not our customers. If customers knew everything we know, we’d probably not exist! Sadly, this means jobs can take longer than expected and the knock-on affect is that we arrive late to any other jobs booked for the day.

Please do your Man and Van a favour next time you’re thinking about moving and have a good think about exactly how much you have to move. This will not only save the man and van the trouble of facing impatient customers who we arrive late to, but it could actually save you money or, at the very least, prepare you for what you will actually pay. It’s a common miss perception that if you tell us you have less to be moved that you’ll pay less. It might sound silly, but this really does happen!

Remember, consider your man and van might have other customers waiting too.

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