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Man and Van Hackney Discovers A Whole New World

Man and Van HackneyMan and Van Hackney enjoys sharing interesting finds from the world wide web. This morning while catching up on current events, Man and Vans came across this rather interesting article about how the world would lop if the land and water masses were reversed. Crazy, isn’t it?

Man and Vans has been moving customers around London and the UK since 2006. We’ve even moved people to various corners of Europe. Imagine where we would move people, if the worlds land mass was actually inverted like this map! It would be possible to drive from London all the way to New Zealand, almost directly opposite on the globe. Although, all the existing countries would, in fact, be water. So, we’d be living in completely different places anyway – or perhaps underwater? 😉

So, if you are moving or need to move soon, why not get in touch with Man and Van Hackney and we’ll get you (and all your worldly possessions) where you need to go. We just can’t promise we’ll be able to drive all the way there 🙂

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