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Words of Warning from Man and Van Islington

Man and Van Islington Driver has phone stolen in Angel

man-and-van-islington-safety-firstHere at Man and Van Islington, we pride ourselves on providing useful updates about all parts of London. Sadly, this is about one of our own guys who’s night out in Angel turned sour when his phone was snatched out of his hand.

Mobile phone theft is constantly increasing in the Capital and is something we all need to be aware of. With technology ever evolving and new generation smart phones consistently being released, this is creating more desire and demand as a result. And with this demand comes an increase in mobile phone theft.

The latest techniques that thieves across London has adopted is the use of bikes. As our Man and Van Islington driver found out, culprits have implemented riding past or from behind, quickly on a bicycle and snatching phones out of unsuspecting civilians hands. Before then speeding off never to be caught on foot.

Here’s a rather interesting article from that we came across after hearing about our driver’s ordeal.

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