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Man and Van Ealing’s Colossal Christmas Challenge

Man and Van Ealing saves one family’s Christmas after another company pulled out at the last minute

Man and Van EalingWe love this time of year and Man and Van Ealing. Time to finally get all the family together in once place. The time for Dad to loosen his belt for that extra helping of Christmas pudding. Well, that might be the case for most of us, but we recently undertook a challenge that even we (and we guess, the other company) had our doubts about.

The task, to move two very large five bedroom West Ealing houses into one seven bedroom property between the two. Now, you may be thinking, how do ten bedrooms fit into seven? And that was exactly our concern…

It was the last week before Christmas when we received a desperate plea to take on this large scale move with very little time to plan properly. So, we did what we do best, got stuck right in. Two teams went out the very next morning. One to each property and packed as much as they could. Turned out a massive clear out was also needed.  So, we carried out a massive dump run, along with a trip to a local charity shop. Then came the move and it couldn’t have gone any better. Both move teams arrived to unload the first or two trips almost at the same time.  After working together to get everything unloaded, it was decided that a second move day was best to get everything finished. So, after arriving early on what was the third day, we completed the move early afternoon on the 23rd of December. Man and Vans decided that we would stay on and help get the place sorted as best we could in time for Christmas. This involved moving various pieces of furniture around the property to ensure everything and everyone could fit for the holidays.

At about 6pm on the 23rd, we were pretty much there. The beds were made, the lights were on the tree and the scent of mulled wine filled the air. And not a moment too soon as all the family began arriving.

Man and Vans is London’s original man and van service and can help with any move, no matter how big or small. So, whatever you might need, give us a call on 0845 170 0660 or drop us an email to we’re only too happy to help!

Man and Van Ealing would like to wish everyone in the borough a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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