Don't forget your keys

A little Man and Vans advice. Moving home? Don’t forget your keys!

Man and Vans believe that our customer’s time and money is a major priority, so therefore it is vital that we give you a heads up on preparation. Often when planning the big move, people forget about the logistics involved.  It can take a great deal of time moving and end up being quite expensive. So wDon't  forget your keyse want to use our knowledge and experience to identify the potential delays.

Many of our customers are unaware that collecting keys and signing contracts can be a tiresome and lengthy procedure. Especially if you have rented a removals van. So, by being prepared and approaching the move smartly, you could avoid wasting this time. The procedures can often take a couple of hours. So, why don’t you get all the time-consuming logistical matters out of the way beforehand.

That way, you can simply move from one place to another. If you can keep the estate agents, house owners and Man with a van informed, it will be a much quicker, cheaper and smoother move.

We’ve moved so many people who didn’t realise they would only get keys to their new property after midday. Often we arrive, load everything into the van and then driven to the new property, only to find the keys won’t be available for an hour or two. Obviously, if you’re paying by the hour, this isn’t ideal.

On the flip side, we’ve also had customers who didn’t realise they needed to be out of their current property by a certain time on the move day.

Bottom line, make sure you have all the details. So, there’s no nasty surprises in store.

For further information or if you have any questions at all. Do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 170 0660 or email to

What Man and Vans is trying to say is – When will you actually get the keys to your new property?

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