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How are larger house removals costs calculated?

The cost of removals workMan and Vans business is really split into three main areas – our commercial work, smaller residential work done by the hour and finally larger house removals quotes for customers who want a fixed price for work that we do for them. House removals costs are a science for us.

For larger house removals it is often impossible to put together a quote over the phone, and in these situations we will send around on of our estimators to look around your house and exactly spec the work and any hurdles if we were to be awarded the work. We have worked hard to make house removals costs a very transparent process for our customers and detailed information on how we come to the final quotation are laid out below.

We treat each quote individually and base the price on your specific needs. These include the type of vehicle and the size of the team we will need. There may also be other factors that affect your quotation.

  • Larger furniture that may need to be taken out through windows rather than doors
  • The availability of parking space and the proximity that we can park near the front/rear of your house
  • Lastly and obviously the location of the house that you are moving to and considerations when unloading at this end of the job
  • Any furniture that may require assembling/disassembling
  • Any short term storage you may need – eg. if you are moving out on a Friday and only get access to your new house on a Monday.
  • Any additional insurance you may require for expensive items

Your quotation that you are sent will include the costs for all the services below that you want us to look after. For example you may decide to do the majority of the packing and unpacking yourself.

  • All packaging materials; boxes, tape, tissue, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, mattress covers and sofa covers
  • Full packing service – if required
  • Full removal service – we dismantle items such as beds, wardrobes and so on. We also remove things from walls and ceilings, such as bookshelves and chandeliers.
  • Full unpacking service – if required
  • Waste disposal – old sofas or mattresses that you don’t require for your new home.

You will have responsibility for parking at both ends of your move. This is something that is relatively easily sorted out with your local council. Payment terms will be advised on your quotation and VAT will be charged at the current market rate.

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