How well do you know London?

Man and Vans test our knowledge of London

The Man and Vans London team like to pride ourselves on our knowledge of London, challenging one another on the quickest routes around the city. This week we discovered that there is a London far beyond the driver’s seat, one which is underground. So, rather than disputing the best routes from A to B, we played a little tube station association game.

CBS Outdoor released an exciting online game this week, which has had the office and drivers racing to complete. The game is a montage of London Underground, Docklands Light Railway and Overground stations, sprawled over a giant poster. The aim is to identify with a magnifying glass, what each iconic symbol represents. Then if you name all 75 stations, you win, simple.How well do you know London?

However, it is not so simple; the puzzle puts your cryptic knowledge of London, to test. Regardless of how well you know the roads, there will always be three or four that will have you pulling your hair out, studying the official London Underground Tube Map for clues, as it is not so easy, to distinguish what a dog or a fish might mean.

Congratulations to our driver Mike, who set the record in the office, managing to complete the game in 26 minutes. Let’s see if you can do any better, test your knowledge of London and play this mind-boggling game –

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