Artistic Waste Disposal

Man and Van London and others can learn from the Ways of the Americans

As the Man and Van London team are in constant rotation of people’s household belongings and offices storage, we are quite often left with a load of unwanted goods. However, we have recently discovered that all you need is a bit of packing tape and creative integrity. From cardboard boxes to rubbish bags, we seek out ways to be creative with your wasArtistic Waste Disposalte.

The ever-so simple, yet ever-so original public inflatable subway creatures created by New Yorker, Joshua Allen Harris, reveals to us, we really can think outside of the box with rubbish. His creative outlook on the New York streets, transforms rubbish into street art, using raw materials to create something special that pleases, shocks and frightens the city commuters, as creatures are literally popping up everywhere!

Harris’ work raises awareness over environmental change in two ways, primarily because his materials are totally recycled. Secondly, the inflatable polar bear attracts attention on the climate change, as the bear melts into the subways, a metaphor for the erosion of their natural habitat.

His artistic sculptures have encouraged the Man and Van London team to think more creatively in ways to recycle and dispose waste. So, we would love to hear of any other fun and exciting ways to recycle.  If you know of any other artist or ways to dispose of waste please leave a comment below.

London has much to learn from New York – make sure you make a difference but avoid fruit and vegetables in long term sculpture.

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