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What is in your attic?

Treasure in the Attic | Finding £5000 in Balham

This week, Man and Van have been discussing the best things we have found in our own, or somebody else’s attics. It is surprising how interesting, rummaging through forgotten belongings can be. That is why; we want to take this opportunity to ask what others have found. The whole idea stemmed from a couple we […]
Cardboard box boy   head

The costume box from Man and Van Balham

Man and Van Balham Loves Halloween Halloween is approaching over the next couple of weeks, so costumes are on everybody’s mind. Although the Man and Van Balham‘s team don’t all necessarily enjoy the idea of carving-up pumpkins or trick-or-treating, we can’t resist the desire to dress up. As the evenings draw darker earlier, we are […]
How well do you know London?

Man and Vans test our knowledge of London

The Man and Vans London team like to pride ourselves on our knowledge of London, challenging one another on the quickest routes around the city. This week we discovered that there is a London far beyond the driver’s seat, one which is underground. So, rather than disputing the best routes from A to B, we played […]
Artistic Waste Disposal

Man and Van London and others can learn from the Ways of the Americans

As the Man and Van London team are in constant rotation of people’s household belongings and offices storage, we are quite often left with a load of unwanted goods. However, we have recently discovered that all you need is a bit of packing tape and creative integrity. From cardboard boxes to rubbish bags, we seek […]
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