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Man and Van Clapham ask – would you trust this man and his van?

Here at Man and Van Clapham, we’re always interested in clever marketing tactics. And sometimes, we come across some rather interesting approaches…

Man and Van Clapham found this little internet gem and just had to share it. If you have not yet witnessed Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage then you have not  lived. This US sensation has gone viral due to his outrageous propositions and his “sincere” costumers care.

Tobias Jone’s offers a ridiculously cheap and a ridiculously hilarious alternative to storing your household goods, and it doesn’t just stop there. He will store anything you want! Guns, ceramics, sofa’s. ice cream van’s, tricycles, Man and Van's competitionold video games, model trains, textbooks, antique silverware or antique anything, all for whopping $10.99 a month. It’s so cheap, you would be fool not to do so, the only problem is he does not offer services across the Atlantic Ocean and he may be intoxication, so use his services at your own risk.

The hero from Chicago has inspired us all, but unfortunately we can only offer a legal and well packaged service. Jones is the guy that everyone wants to know or at least witness in the flesh but maybe, just maybe not trust him  to file my divorce, give you advice on you tax returns  or let him near any of your valuables. His inspirational characteristics have spread across the internet like forest fire, so we thank Jones for  blessing us with his holy knowledge. From his legal advice to the daycare academy,  he has the Man and Van Clapham team in stitches every time. To view all his videos:


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