Relocation with the pets

Man and Van Merton ask you, what would the dog say?

Man and Van Merton look at the effects moving has on pets

Do you ever worry that your dogs won’t like the relocation of their new home? Man and Van Merton sheds some light on the topic.

OverloRelocation with the petsoking your dog or any pets feelings when deciding to find, buy, or move into a new place is not uncommon. To be honest, it can be extremely difficult to take you dog’s feelings into consideration when making any big decisions. It is easy to forget that your dog is an excitable, sloppy mouthed, sentimental being that doesn’t like change at all.

Allie Brosh creates a side-splitting comical picture of the agonizing moment when your dog realises that your relocating, acknowledging her dog’s irregular discomfort. The dogs referred to as “helper dog” and “simple dog”, react in a bizarre, uncontrollable manner that is rather disturbing. The behaviour of the dogs leads to Allie and her partner to endless unnerving high-pitched squeals; scratched up floors due to dog booties; and vomit which is consumed again and again in their car seats.

“We were beginning to think that our dogs were permanently broken. Nothing we did helped at all to convince the dogs that we had only changed houses and our new house was not, in fact, some sort of death-camp and we weren’t actually planning on killing them to fulfil an organ harvest ritual.

The insecurity of you dog  is deeper than you may of first thought, but no worries the problem can be eradicated. Firstly, you need to bear in mind that dogs are stupid and manipulatable, the general hassle and stresses caused are due to the constant energy and the dog seeking attention. What you can do is familiarise your dog with the surrounding, remember a new house is going to ignite an influx of excitement, so upon arrival allow your dog to explore, mess the place up a little, and mark his territory.

Throughout the first visit spoil the dog with toys, treats and extra portions. Do remember that your dog can seek solace with a food bowl and reminisce all the fun he had watching you wash up in the previous kitchen. So surround the dog with their favourite blankets and toys to ensure they are settled and happy, regardless if it means putting up with the constant squeak that Allie did. It may only be one night and then they will forget that they were ever doubtful.

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