Van Persie

The football season has begun and Man and Van North London is excited!

Man and Van North London loves football and finally, the season has begun. Everybody has been talking about the changes made. Who shall win the title,  the quality of the new players, the changes in formations and teams not having enough strikers.

The transfer of  Robert Van Persie has been a particular topical discussion. As speculations have been made about the transfer being one of the biggest in the English Premier League.  Certainly Persie being thrown into United’s van will change the dynamics for both teams. Who will Arsenal replace Persie and Song with? Is this United’s biggest signing since Cristiano Ronaldo?

The Man and Van North London team love the start of a new season, with supporters from all the clubs , so therefore  are in constant debate (including a lot of  Man United fan). Those Man United fans loved the idea of  the Persie removal van. As it is every United fans dream to literally remove Persie from the Emirates Stadium all the way up the North of England to the Old Trafford.

Man and Van hope you enjoy the beginning of what looks like one of the greatest seasons. Whether your sitting on the sofa or in the pub with your mates we hope you appreciate the transfers!

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