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Moving out of a rental property with Man and Van Ealing

man-and-van-ealing-common-stationMan and Van Ealing can help you make the move to your new home very smooth and stress free, but before you get comfortable in the new place, make sure you have left your rental property the way it was when you moved in.

Often times you will find yourself in a dilemma once you leave your apartment because the landlord refuses to return your bond due a few minor areas of general wear and tear. This is why it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you get every penny back. Firstly, ensure that you’ve communicated to the landlord that you will be moving, and that it’s done at the end of your lease. Once the move has been completed go back to the previous address and clean it thoroughly. Also, if you have painted the walls speak to the landlord if he will be painting it back to the original colour, as he may charge you if he does it himself. In most cases it’s much cheaper to do it before you leave.

Another thing to consider is if you have damaged the walls with nails or shelving, make sure to patch up the holes and paint. You may need to hire a steamer for a thorough clean-up of the carpet as well. Lastly, ask your landlord to do a walk through with you to inspect the apartment, and take notes to ensure that there won’t be any surprise deductions for damages made after you have left the property. Man and Van Ealing can help with any queries that you may have in regards to making your transition easier.

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