Man and Van Greenwich kitchen pack

Man and Van Wandsworth’s tips on the hardest room to pack. and Van Wandsworth can help you prepare your kitchen to make sure that your move is faster and safer, plus to help you ease the stress of packing the hardest room of the house. There are many cupboards, drawers, oddly shaped Tupperware, and plenty of hiding places where you stashed away all those unused items and canned food.

You have to make sure you know what you are taking, so sorting and selecting is your first step. This will in turn help you simplify the packing. When you are going from drawer to drawer have a couple of boxes next to you and choose which one you’ll keep and which one you will donate or simply  garbage bags. There are plenty of ways to get rid of your unused items and not have to throw them out. When you get to the food consider cost to move ratio, which means heavy food items go and light ones stay. Simple as that, which means that all those canned goods can be donated.

Once you’ve sorted out what you don’t want start a list of things you want for the first couple of days. This is essential as you probably won’t be able to unpack everything and put it in place immediately after you move. The list should consist of important everyday items that you need, such as coffee machine, a set of cutlery and tableware for every person, salt, pepper, and such.


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