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Sad moving man and vans

Man and Van Putney knows moving home can be tough on the family

Here at Man and Van Putney, we know there’s a lot to do when moving house; packing up everything that you own, possibly doing a little spring cleaning along the way, knowing that you can’t possibly take everything of sentimental value along with you. Not only this, but there may be the prospect of moving […]
Rental move

Moving out of a rental property with Man and Van Ealing

Man and Van Ealing can help you make the move to your new home very smooth and stress free, but before you get comfortable in the new place, make sure you have left your rental property the way it was when you moved in. Often times you will find yourself in a dilemma once you […]
Man and Van Greenwich kitchen pack

Man and Van Wandsworth’s tips on the hardest room to pack.

Man and Van Wandsworth can help you prepare your kitchen to make sure that your move is faster and safer, plus to help you ease the stress of packing the hardest room of the house. There are many cupboards, drawers, oddly shaped Tupperware, and plenty of hiding places where you stashed away all those unused items […]
Man and Van in Kensington

We are adding more exciting artwork to our Man and Van Clapham fleet.

As you know quite well by now Man and Van Clapham offer a great, reliable service that is required when moving your prized possessions from A to B.  It is very important not to just say you can offer a great service but also provide it on a regular basis. Like any organisation it is […]
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