Time is of the essence when moving


Man and Van Balham takes a look at timing for your move day

Man and Van Balham knows all too well the problems that can occur when moving.

When the day arrives to finally pack up your bat and ball and move on. All you can do is start to estimate the amount of time and money it is going to take to complete it all. Unless you have moved home a numerous amount of times you will find you will most likely underestimate the time it takes to move home, whether it is just a pack and move or you are packing yourself and just require us to move it.

The time also comes into play if you are completing on the day of the move. Estate agents will often give you a time of when you need to be out of your current property and what time you can move into the new one. Man with a van can often work around these times to suit your needs however, it is quite difficult to time it perfectly if it is a large house move.

There have been some occasions where our start times have been delayed due to people not organising time off for their move day. I would think something as important as moving home would warrant a day off, even your boss might agree with that one.

It’s a big step to be moving home, so we would like to get in early to make a start and make sure the length of the day doesn’t get out of hand. If for any reason the job has to be started later, flexibility would be required with the start time as our team will have an earlier booking.

Man and Vans are here to meet your needs, so if getting all the timings right is concerning you give the experts a call today.

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