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Man and Van Putney takes a look at the potential problems with down-sizing

Man and Van Putney felt the need to share some tips as many of our customers have shared a similar problem.

So, it’s time to celebrate. The money has gone through. You have completed! Now you have the time to put all of your energy into planning the big day. One of the major concerns people have when moving is wondering whether all the furniture and contents will fit in the new place.

We have run into some problems recently with customers underestimating a few measurements when moving in to the new place. I know its hard to part with some furniture that may have been a part of your home for years, however if you have a 4ft wide sofa and a 3ft wide door it isn’t going to happen. Many items may be able to be stored away, meaning the problem will momentarily go away, but others will not disappear quite as easily.

It might be an idea when purchasing a property to take all the measurements necessary to avoid problems on the move day. Some customers will have a list of major items from their existing home to try and see where they would fit ahead of moving. If you let Man and Van Putney know prior to your move of a particular tricky item, we can prepare for it.

A few solutions for difficult items would be:

Store the item/s here at Man and Van Putney’s storage facility

Get us to take it to a charity shop or the dump

Maybe, we could even pull item/s through a window, providing we have at least 3 of our movers on hand to assist.

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