Fish tank Moving


Man and Van Chelsea knows pets are part of the family

Man and Van Chelsea brings pet lovers some more great tips to helping your friends feel just at home in the new place as you do. Today we’ll look at moving aquariums and fish. Make sure you know where the aquarium will be located in your new place, and it’s worth consulting your local aquatic retailer for advice. They will also be able to supply you with fish bags and polystyrene boxes, since the fish must be kept in a warm environment during the move, and the boxes will keep the water temperature even.

When bagging the fish try to fill the bags only about a quarter full, to allow space for as much oxygen as possible. Secure the bags with rubber bands. You should have around 12 hours before the water starts causing problems for the fish. Remove all aquarium rocks and ornaments. It is important to keep as much existing mature water as possible. Water barrels or  water containers are perfect for this job.

To keep the bacteria from the aquarium alive as long as possible during the move we advise removing the filter media (sponges, ceramic noodles, carbon, etc) from the filter and placing it in a bucket of tank water. If possible oxygenate this water when you can, perhaps using a battery powered air pump. Pack up the electrical equipment, such as pumps, securely. Keep the empty aquarium with the substrate intact. Make sure the tank is properly covered for the move. Follow the procedure advised by your retailer when reintroducing the fish to the tank in its new location. Aquariums require a lot of care, and when it’s time to move Man and Van Chelsea can help you with these great tips.

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