Moving Abroad


If a move abroad is on your horizon, you might be thinking, where do you start? Well, that’s where Man and Van Fulham comes in.

There is a lot to consider when re-locating to a new country, one of the biggest hurdle’s “how do I get all of my belongings from A to B”. All it takes is a simple phone call to Man and Van Fulham and we handle all the admin and logistics of your move.

You may be locating across water therefore we have to organise ferry’s or a train. Man and Van Fulham have the experience in these areas, so you need not worry about this task yourself. It is fair to worry about your items going on such a long journey, however hiring a professional fully insured removal team like us, those concerns can be put at ease.

There is no doubt it is a massive step to take in life, it’s hard enough moving down the road let alone abroad, but there is no reason it should be difficult as well. You would be forgiven for thinking you need larger freight companies to carry out such a move, but as Man and Van Fulham try to make it known, no job is too small or big. From the first phone call to last item is unloaded in your new home in a new country, let us do what we do best, a great job!

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