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Man and Van London move something a little different…

During the week here at Man and Van London, we had quite a unique request. To transport a Peel P50.

Now, you’re most likely saying to yourself, what is a Peel P50? Well, at first we didn’t have much idea as to what it was either, but a quick internet soon revealed that it’s a rather unusual little passenger vehicle.

The Peel P50 was designed on the Isle of Man in the 60’s, it holds the record for being the smallest vehicle ever to go into production. It was made to be a city car coming in red, white and blue.

So, once the Man and Van London team knew what we were dealing with. The job, although different, was also going to be quite fun.

The vehicle was to transported to a photography studio for some promotional shots. As you could imagine the tiny piece of machinery wasn’t too much hassle for the Man and Van London lads to fit into one of our Luton vans.  The move was a great success and the Daily Mail got all the shots they needed.

Once again showing that no move too big or small or unique for the team at Man and Vans.

If you would like to see some photos of our day with the Peel P50 see the link provided:

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