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The Lighter side of moving with Man And Van East London

Here at Man and Van East London we completely realise how stressful moving to a new home can be. So, in the spirit of finding all sorts of ways to make the job easier for you, Man and Vans thought we’d share some house moving humour.

A husband and wife are moving home and starting to pack. The husband finds a box under the bed, pulls it out and looks inside. He finds two eggs and about £8,000 in cash. When he asks his wife first what the eggs are for, she says, “Every time I cheat on you I put an egg in the box.” So he replies, “Well, it could be worse – you’ve only cheated on me twice.” But when he asks what the money is for his wife replies, “Every time I get a dozen eggs, I sell them!”

According to comedian George Carlin, a house is just somewhere to keep all your stuff in. His philosophy is that, if you don’t need stuff you can just walk around all the time. Or what about this moving tip? A man is moving home and he’s struggling to carry his wardrobe single-handedly up the path to the new place. A neighbour asks if he needs any help, and he replies: “No thanks, I’ve got all the help I need…my brother’s inside carrying the clothes.”

While we can’t promise that employees of Man and Van East London won’t share some equally bad jokes with you, remember they’re only trying to help you see the lighter side of moving.

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