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Man and van removalsMan and Vans know moving can be hard. Especially with young children. So, here are a few tips to make things easier.

As many of the Man and Vans team are parents, we’re pretty experienced not only in the field of moving, but also moving with children.

First, visit the new house a few times with your child so he or she can get used to the new space and the idea of going from a familiar to an unfamiliar environment. It’s a good idea to take photographs of the rooms in your old house, and you could include snapshots of your local area, or friendly faces, or other images to make a memento album that the child can flip through any time  When packing ask the little one to help, especially with toys, clothes, and stuff from the child’s own room. You may want to pack and label their box separately, as reassurance that everything will be found when you arrive at your new home.

Take your child around each room of your old house to say goodbye. When you arrive it’s worth setting up your son’s or daughter’s room first, to reassure them and make the new feel familiar. Next set up the kitchen, so your youngster will see there is food and juice handy. In the early days of being in your new home, remember to give your toddler some extra attention, until the new becomes old hat.

Look out for more tips from Man and Vans to help make your move a good experience.

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