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Man and Vans Advice for First Time Movers

Man and Vans loves sharing the knowledge we’ve gained over the years

Companies like Man and Vans are professional movers, here to help you. If it’s your first time, it might be worth spending a little extra to ensure it’s done properly.

Are you moving alone into a new apartment? The first thing you should consider is how big the apartment is and if it will be able to fit all you things from the old place. Take measurements and see if your sofas will fit and if the beds will be easily put in the bedrooms, especially if it is a two story house. There are some places, where the mattresses are too big to take to the second floor from the stairs, and this might be a real problem when the moving van arrives to the site. Take the time to see that and if you have hired professionals let them know. They will come up with a solution. If you are packing your things by yourself, make sure you isolate the fragile items very good. You certainly do not want to move in with all your things shattered to pieces. If you are buying new furniture, do that from a store close to your new location. The store will offer you free delivery.

Man and Van London advices you – when it comes to a first move – hire professionals and have that first moving experience headache free – you will thank us later!

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