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Recently, here at Man and Van Merton, we’ve had a look at the Feng Shui of our offices. This is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy. Meaning the positioning of just about anything to enhance the best energy possible. in the house that best reflects our personality, captures and transforms the energy into the most positive that it can be. Many of us relate this in the way we position furniture in our homes.

One of the laws of Feng Shui says that you should only display gifts that you like and that represent who you really are. If you feel that something gives you a negative energy, even though it is a gift, it should not be displayed in your house. Everything needs to work with your inner harmony.

Another important thing is to get rid of the clutter. This is something that will let you breathe easily and will give you peace, because too many things in the house can interfere with the overall harmony and bring down your personal energy. The same goes for things you do not use or, dare I say, don’t even like. If you haven’t used something for a few months, the chances are, you will never use it. So, get rid of it! If you don’t like something,  just get it out of the house. It may be bringing your spirit down every time you look at it.

Start making changes from the areas you spend the most time – the office, the living room or maybe even the bedroom…if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Man and Van Merton will be back next week with more useful Feng Shui tips.

Man and Van Merton loves a bit of Feng Shui

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