Man and Van Clapham on Natural Disinfecting

Man and Van Clapham on Disinfecting A New Home Naturally

Man and Van Clapham has an experience with moving people to all kinds of locations and often we find our customers very surprised at the conditions Man and Van Clapham on Natural Disinfectingthey find their new home in.

Man with a Van has some suggestions for those of you that are not happy with the hygiene of your new house. We know that when you have all your boxes in the new place the last thing you want is to spray it with bleach or other strong chemicals and that is why we can offer you a natural, Eco friendly way of disinfecting your new home. It will take about two days to put the house in the state you will like it to be – clean and fresh smelling. All you have to buy are some natural ingredients:

1)      Baking soda – it is not toxic and is a part of all recipes for natural cleaning. It will absorb foul smells and dissolve grime.

2)      Salt – if you dilute salt in water, you can clean stains and get out any burnt or stuck mess on your carper.

3)      White Vinegar – you can use it as a natural way of removing mold, instead of heavy chemicals. It will disinfect and get rid of bacteria and germs. If you have ants in the house it will take care of them too.

4)      Lemons – a natural way of leaving your house smelling fresh and new. Lemons can be used instead of bleach, because of their natural acids.

Man and Van Clapham will be back next week with more tips on natural cleaning.

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