Moving with Man and Van Balham: New Interior Design

You’ve called the trustworthy moving company, Man and Van Balham, and are ready to head to the new place. Now, you are looking to make it as comfortable as possible, and of course, as trendy as possible.

With the year starting to warm up you may want to consider what is up and coming and whether it will still be in fashion next year and so on. So, Man and Van Balham has some ideas you might want to consider when you make the move.

The real key is the finishing on the walls and any accents like skirting boards or simliar detailing. Feature walls are always popular and a great way to transform any room quite easily.

If you are not ready to purchase new furniture for your new home then maybe you can simply upgrade with new upholstery or paint. Natural strong colours are still very fashionable. You can;t go wrong with dark earthy colours like chocolate brown. For the most part red is still a big hit for strong accents and feature walls. The idea is to bring the grey of the past to life. You can get creative with the beautiful colours of nature, whether you are leaning more towards the cool or warm colours.

Large paintings are great and mirrors give significant depth to any room, which is great if a room feels a little small. If you have a rectangular mirror in the bathroom and are planning to replace it, why not jazz it up with an oval one or something a little different.

Man and Van Balham can help you with getting all of your belongings to the new place, but it’s up to you how you want it to look.

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