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Man and Van Suggests A House-Warming Party For Your New Home

Man and Van loves a party as much as the next person

man-and-van-party-time Man and Van will take care of your move when the time comes. So, all you need to do is worry about who to invite and what music to play on the night?

Once you or Man and Van London have unpacked the necessities, it’s a great time to crank up some music and pop open some bubbly. You’ve done it! The back of this often tedious task is broken. Now all that’s left is the fun part, how will you set everything up? Having a little party before unpacking everything gives you and opportunity to think (and chat) about what and where everything should go.

This is the fun part about moving, plus, it will give you a chance to meet the neighbours as well. You may want to consider having two separate gatherings, one to meet neighbours, and one to show off your place to your loved ones. This way you focus on one thing at a time, because you may find yourself torn between making new friends and paying attention to your current ones.

Maybe a dinner party for your friends? You already know each other and the weirdness of everyone gathered together and trying to figure out where to sit or simply sit at a dinner table together won’t be there. Another great idea is to have your friends help you out by bringing their own speciality. Take out the wine and show them around. When having the neighbours over, offer something more casual and not so personal. Have snacks, a dinner table set, but without requirement to sit, and more of a help yourself, try different snacks and treats such as salads, starters, mini sandwiches, and such on a separate table.

Contact us today or go online for a  Man and Van quick quote and let us take care of it. You’ve got a party to think about! If you’d like to hear what our customers say about us, please see our Man and Van customer references at


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