You can relax with man and vans

Moving from a Rental Home with Man and Vans

You can relax with man and vansMan and Vans can help you make the move to your new home

But before you get comfortable in the new place, make sure you leave your old place the way you found it.

Sometimes, you will find yourself in a dilemma once you leave your apartment because the landlord refuses to return the lease. This is why it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you get every penny back.

Firstly, ensure that your proposed move date fits in with the terms of your lease and then notify your landlord. Many tenancy agreements will have a break-clause of about 6 months. If you used a letting agent to find the property, they usually send  letter to inform you that your lease might be expiring.

So, once you are moved and your old property is empty. Have it cleaned thoroughly. Also, if you painted any walls or hung any pictures, speak to the landlord, as he may charge you for any painting or repairs to holes in the wall. In most cases it is much cheaper and easier to do it before you leave.

Another thing to consider is the flooring. Carpet stains are often the most obvious problem. We’ve lost count of how many customers popped down to Homebase or B&Q and hired a little steam cleaner. These are great, if the stains are minor. However, most tenancy agreements will say that carpets must be “professionally cleaned” when vacating. Again, read your tenancy agreement.

Lastly, ask your landlord to do a walk through with you to inspect the apartment, and if possibly videotape it to ensure that there won’t be any surprise deductions for damages made after you’ve left. Call Man and Van London today to help you along your move. So, you have got time and energy to ensure you get your deposit back!

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