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Whenever you decide to move, you should always consider helping your movers, if you have the chance. This way the move will be carried out quicker and possibly save you money.

By helping your movers, we are not suggesting you start lifting boxes. That’s our job! But, what we do mean, is being organised. If you have a little extra time before the move, use it to make everything easy for the movers and for you. Mark the boxes with the names of the room. For example if you have movers packing the kitchen, help them mark the boxes “Kitchen”. Make sure that if your movers have to pack the rooms without you being there that items from the closet are not situated in the kitchen on the day of the move. Keep all clothes in the closet, bathroom items in the bathroom and kitchenware in the kitchen. It makes sense really. And it will help when you’re all moved into your new property and ready to unpack. There’s nothing worse than having a load of boxes to go through in order to find that missing item you forgot you’d need straight away.

Make a list of all your belongings. When the move starts it is better not to give directions to the movers, but instead speak to their team leader and tell him what you want done. Speaking to the team leader instead of each mover personally is the way to go, because the team leader knows how to efficiently give orders to the team and direct them throughout the move. This way the whole process will be less stressful. If you have any concerns or requests, you’ll be able to speak to the one guy throughout, the team leader.

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